I want to help you make sure your wishes are accomplished after your death.

If someone you love has died without leaving instructions, you know it’s a painful process to go through with the court. What the government dictates in the law is not always what you want. Don’t put off your estate planning. The sooner you plan for after your death, the more options you have to accomplish protecting your loved ones and everything that you own. Let’s sit down and discuss how you want to help your loved ones and make sure they are protected after you are gone.

  • Control how your belongings are managed after your death.
  • Protect your loved ones.
  • ┬áDirect how your end of life procedures will be administered.
  • Appoint someone to help make financial decisions on your behalf.
  • Avoid your family going through probate by setting up specific and detailed instructions in a trust.
  • Open and close an estate for a loved one quickly in the court process with experienced help.

Plan today to avoid forcing your family to suffer from not only your death, but also the judicial process which can take up to a year.